Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Institut für Bibliotheks- und Informations­wissen­schaft

Berliner Bibliothekswissenschaftliches Kolloquium

04.05.2021 | 18 Uhr | ZOOM | Dorotheenstraße 26 | IBI

Thinking about information behaviour

Prof. Dr. Tom Wilson 


The history of human interaction with information has always been associated with technological developments since the invention of writing. The clay tablet and stylus were the technology of the ancient Sumerians; the papyrus roll was the new technology of the day, to be succeeded by paper, hand-made initially and then, much later, fully mechanised. The printing press and movable type were new technologies in their day and remained the dominant technology for the transmission of information into our own time.

Now the transmission of information is reaching towards the point of full digitisation and, as a result, just as in previous technological revolutions, human behaviour changes to adapt to the technology.

In this presentation I shall review the changes that have taken place and give some thought to the possible future - or futures.

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