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Elke Greifeneder, Prof. Dr.

Elke Greifeneder is Professor and Executive Director at IBI and has held the Chair of Information Behavior at the Institute of Library and Information Science since 2014. She received her PhD in 2012 on "Does it matter where we test?" and subsequently held an Assistant Professorship for Information Science at the (now) Department of Information Studies at the University of Copenhagen. Her research focuses on people's information behavior when interacting with technology, with emphasis on methodological research, validity research, and studies in natural user contexts. She is interested and involved nationally and internationally, e.g., as Program Chair of iConference 2014 and former Co-Editor of Library Hi Tech. To the profile

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Dr. Kirsten Schlebbe

Kirsten Schlebbe is a researcher and lecturer. She completed her Master's degree in Library and Information Science at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in 2015 and successfully defended her doctoral thesis on digital information behavior of young children and preschoolers under Prof. Dr. Elke Greifeneder in 2022. Her research interests and teaching areas are information behavior and information practices, children as a special user group in information science, and methodological and ethical issues regarding research with children and families. She is a member of the Media Commission(MK) f the Academic Senate of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. To the profile

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Vera Hillebrand, M.A.

Vera Hillebrand is a resercher and lecturer. She completed her bachelor's and master's degrees at IBI and has been working on her doctorate under Prof. Dr. Elke Greifeneder since April 2017. At the chair, she is responsible for eye tracking. Her research interests relate to topics in the sociology of science, such as the international mobility of information scientists or the method of eye-tracking with older people. To the profile

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Paulina Bressel, M.A.

Paulina Bressel is a resercher and lecturer at the Chair of Information Behavior. She works in various usability projects and since December 2021 also in the BMBF-funded project DESIVE². As a PhD student, she researches the information behavior of physically and mentally ill young adults.To the profile

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Leyla Dewitz, M.A.

Leyla Dewitz is a resercher in the BMBF-funded project DESIVE² at the Chair of Information Behavior. Currently, she is also working as a research associate in the BMBF project DISA at FH Potsdam. In 2019-2021, she conducted research on adolescents and digital well-being for the University of Washington and the Hasso Plattner Institute (Human Interaction Lab). Her dissertation focuses on digital well-being of vulnerable groups in the context of Health Information Behavior.To the profile

Luise Henneberg, M.A.

Luise Henneberg is a resercher in the BUA project "Lab Know-How as shared Resource". She graduated with a master's degree in linguistics from Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in 2019 and has already worked in various psycho- and neurolinguistic labs. In the project, she is responsible, among other things, for recording the existing rooms, equipment, and software of the participating labs in a database and for supporting the management of the labs by means of a shared booking and lending system in order to bring research closer together across the individual labs.To the profile

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Samantha Tirtohusodo

Samantha Tirtohusodo is a researcher and lecturer at the Chair of Information Behavior. Her work includes collaboration on two DFG-funded projects: the FID BBI and the Manuscript Portal, where she is responsible for researching user behavior and evaluating the user experience. To the profile

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Student Assistants

Helene Hellmich

Helene Hellmich is a student assistant at the Chair of Information Behavior and has been studying in the Bachelor's program in Library and Information Science with a second subject in Art and Image History at the Humboldt University of Berlin since 2017. Now she is studying in the master's program Information Science.To the profile

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Other Employees

Alexander Petrus

Alexander Petrus is a technical employee. At the institute, he assists with all technical matters and improves IBI's web presence in collaboration with the Information Behavior chair. To the profile

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International Research Cooperations

  • Na, Liang

Former Employees

  • Boschert, Carlos
  • Köhler, Juliane
  • Krems, Adeline
  • Menzel, Sina
  • Reichardt, Mareen