Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Berlin School of Library and Information Science

Doctorate and Postdocotoral Qualification


At the Berlin School of Library and Information Science, between three and five doctoral candidates are receiving their doctorate after successful defensce of their thesis. Currently, there is about 30 students working on doctoral theses.

A prerequisite for becoming a doctoral candidate is a degree in Library and Information Science with 300 ECTS or equivalent scope at an accredited university or college with the final grade “good” or better. In exceptional cases, applicants from other fields of study may also be accepted.

Generally, all topics related to Library and Information Science are possible for a doctoral thesis, provided that it is accepted for supervision by a professor with expertise ion the field. All professors and honorary professors of the Berlin School of Library and Information Science are entitled to supervise doctoral theses. More information(in German).

Should you desire to become a doctoral candidate at the School, please address the potential supervisor directly. In your request, you should include your motivation, the research question, methodology as well as (optimally) your exposé.

Unfortunately, we can not offer any funded positions for doctoral candidates. Important Ffurther information is provided by the portal of the Portal des Graduiertenzentrums (in German) of the Philosophische Fakultät (in German), as well as the Doctoral Candidate’s Portal of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

Postdoctoral qualification is very rare at the Berlin School of Library and Information Science. Please find the requirements on the website of the Philosophische Fakultät(in German).