Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Berlin School of Library and Information Science

Information Management

The research and teaching group Information Management deals with the role of digital research and information infrastructures in science in the context of digital transformation. The focus is on information infrastructures that enable the collection, indexing, accessibility and re-use of information objects for the purpose of Open Science. Research, teaching and transfer consider processes of digital scholarly communication and related practices, standards and policies. These aspects are addressed from the perspective of information and library science with a focus on libraries, computing centers and other service facilities supporting research at scientific organizations. 


Current topics of the research and teaching group are: 

  • Information infrastructures for Open Science
  • Research data management
  • Open Access and developments in digital science communication
  • Research software and digital services for information and knowledge production
  • Management of research information 
  • Science policy and Open Science
  • Academic libraries in the context of changing information and knowledge practices