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In principle, theses can be written at the chair for all aspects of information organization and information retrieval. To get an impression of possible topics, please inform yourself about the research fields of the chair or check the completed qualification work. A self-selected topic can make it easier to get started and ensures motivation until successful completion, but also previously vague areas of interest can be focused through discussions. Occasionally, topic suggestions of the chair can be edited, please inquire with the chair staff about current offers / projects.

Attendance of Research Seminar

Visiting the research seminar is compulsory since the study and examination regulations 2017 and strongly recommended to all students. The research college deals with elementary aspects of scientific work, such as research methods, research questions or the analysis of the state of research, and provides room to discuss individual projects.

Supervision Process

If you are interested in supervision, please contact the desired reviewer by e-mail or during the consultation hours. Qualification work requires two reviewers who prepare independent reports. At least one of the two reviewers must be a professor. Both reviewers should always be involved in the work process. Regular reconciliations and updates on the state of work are expected.

Formal Requirements

Please note the instructions for the preparation of bachelor theses and master theses.


If you would like to do a doctorate at the Institute for Library and Information Science at the Chair of Information Retrieval, please send a request with the following information to Prof. Vivien Petras, PhD:

  • Proposal explaining the research topic
  • Research interests
  • Professional background (curriculum vitae)
  • Copies of appropriate diplomas

Unfortunately, we can not offer funded doctoral positions at the present time.