Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Berlin School of Library and Information Science

Committee on Teaching and Learning



The Committee on Teaching and Learning (LSK) is responsible for the Bachelor's, Master's and Magister's program (the on-campus programs). The Executive Education Program has its own committees attending to its respective needs. The scope:

Course evaluation and report, in particular:


  • Planning and conducting of the questionnaires
  • Organizing and writing the reports
  • Preliminary work for the reports
  • After adoption of the course report by the School Council (IR), it's results and the questionnaire results are disclosed to the members and affiliates of the school.   

Developing the academic reform and accreditation, in particular:

  • Drafting the accreditation applications
  • Compilation of info material for the teachers
  • Organizing info events on the academic reform and the implementation of the new study programs    

Suggestions for amendments to the on-campus programs (feasibility of the on-campus programs)


the following school members are currently members of the Committee on Teaching and Learning: