Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Berlin School of Library and Information Science

Equipment & settings

The iLab consists of two spaces, which differ in function: a test room and a control-and-observation room for data evaluation. The rooms are connected through a door with a one-way mirror.

The test environment can be arranged flexibly depending on the study designs. It can also be used for smaller conferences, meetings and presentations (max. 15 persons).


The control- and observation room can be used for remote control of recording and presentation technology as well as data analysis.

It provides several workstations fitted with specific hardware- and software.

Basic equipment furniture

iLab 09 DSC 3286
5 height-adjustable tables,
15 conference chairs
Lounge seating area with
4 armchairs and side table
DSC 3381 DSC 3303

Recording technology

DSC 3340a DSC 3347
Digital stereo-
audio recording devices
180 degrees tilt camera,
tripod, webcams,
various microphones
DSC 3349 beamer kamera

Mobile devices

DSC 3416 DSC 3371
various tablets, notebooks and other smart devices

Eye Tracking

iLab Eyetracker DSC 3363
Remote and head-mounted eye tracker
DSC 3416 DSC 3330

Moderation equipment

IMG 20160421 113103 IMG 20160421 112759
Foldable felt pin-boards, flipchart, magnetic glass-boards, presentation case
Glasboard Moderationskoffer

Presentation technology

leinwand beide Beamer
Mechanical screen, high table, projector

Software partner

e2 logo RGB rec rand5 600px


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