Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Berlin School of Library and Information Science

About us...

Who we are and what we do

Ibi-alumni, our alumni initiative founded in summer 2005 aims to:

  • keep contact to former students and exchange experiences,
  • strengthen the bond between graduates of our school and establish regular contact between current and former students,
  • create a network of graduates,
  • support job advertisement and announcements of interesting internships,
  • inform graduates about current scientific debates in the school and invite them to educational events and lecture series,

To achieve these goals, we organize regular meetings and provide a newsletter with current information. Yearly alumni meetings take place in Berlin every first saturday in november. During an informal get-together on the evening, we also celebrate the farewell of our graduates from the current semester. This is preceded by an "open day" with project presentations and debates about current activities in the school, particularly to foster the exchange between graduates and current students.

The alumni database of Humboldt-University has already been released. Further information is provided on a flyer. We plan to realize a graduate destination survey and also want to introduce our students to graduates in their professional environment and show, what professional perspectives are possible for students of the Berlin School of Library and Information Science.

If we could raise your interest or you have some suggestions or ideas, we will be glad to hear from you.

Please contact:

Prof. Michael Seadle, Prof. Vivien Petras, Dr. Gertrud Pannier, the student Claus Wehder or our graduate members Ulrike Stöckel and Sandra Lechelt.

Or contact our ibi-alumni-team at: ibi.alumni[at]