Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Berlin School of Library and Information Science

Examination Board




The Examination Board (PAU) is responsible for all study programs of the school, including PhD studies (as specified by § 3 (2) b of the doctorate regulations). In particular:

Planning and organizing exams, particularly:

  • Appointment of the examiners
  • Instatement of the examination committees
  • Affirmation of examination subjects
  • Affirmation of course assessments, grading, interpretation of the study and examination regulations

Designing the course catalog, particularly:

  • Semestral course calender schedules
  • Monitoring the concord of the course catalog with the study regulations
  • Recruiting teachers, when necessary
  • Evaluation of the study regulations




The following school members are currently members of the Examination Board:

  • Vivian Schlosser (student representative)
  • Fabio Tullio (student representative)